Spare a thought for football's hardest workers; the defensive, destructive, ball-winning midfielders who dirty their feet in your team's engine room. These selfless souls aren't driven by goals and assists; they put the boot in because someone's got to do the dirty work.

In it's first collaborative project, Look What it Means to Him combines it's unique, propaganda-style posters with testimonies kindly provided by talented football writers and bloggers; the end result being Their Work Brings VICTORY!

You can choose to view this project either by selecting individual images from the gallery (right) or by perusing the specially-made, 'magazine' version.

If you enjoy the images or the magazine, please share LWIMTH is a one-man operation (aside from the occasional collaboration) and that one man hates self-promotion. 

Look What it Means to Him presents... Their Work Brings VICTORY!

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