Album #1: Stone-Cold Classics


How best to kick-off 'Now That's What I Call Chiptune?' You don't want to ostracise newcomers by being too edgy but nor do you want to underwhelm by playing it safe.

In an attempt to make everyone happy (which always goes well) I've mixed well-known tunes with more obscure tracks - but all of them are from popular games.

Each of the tracks are downloadable, so if you like something - take it with you. I highly recommend listening with headphones rather than through your phone / laptop / computer; chipmusic can sound disappointingly weedy otherwise.

I hope you enjoy these - there'll be a new album with a specific theme coming out in a month. If you'd like to make any suggestions or leave feedback, then email me or get in touch via Twitter.

Disclaimer: I've knowingly used the term 'chiptune' as a catch-all for music that features in computer and arcade games but there's a distinction between what constitutes 'chiptune', 'chipmusic' and other audio generated by specific chipsets. If you're interested in this topic, I recommend reading this.


Bonus Tracks