Now That's What I Call Chiptune

I didn't appreciate how good game music could be until I played 'PilotWings' on the SNES.  The game was exceptional for a number of reasons; it had advanced (if not slightly vomit-inducing) graphics for its time, it presented a genuine challenge and it wasn't all about blowing shit up (until the end).  But even if PilotWings had been a letdown, I'd have played it for the soundtrack alone ... it was, and still is, brilliant.

It wasn't that other games didn't have good music; Outrun, Xenon, Marble Madness and Super Mario Bros. II all stand out, but PilotWings was the first game where the soundtrack could be enjoyed entirely on its own; participation was not required.

I once thought the chiptunes that defined my childhood, adolescence and arrested development (natch) belonged in the past, but over the last couple of years I've raided the internets' infinite cupboards and amassed my own catalogue of game music - now I want to share the wealth in a suitably throwback fashion: NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL CHIPTUNE!

Each month, over the course of several distinctively-themed 'albums', I'll be sharing tunes I think deserve a reappraisal; from golden oldies outsider oddities.  So, whether you like Daytona(aaaaaaaaaa), Double Dragon or DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu, hopefully there'll be something that floats your electronic boat.

Have a tune you'd like to see feature? Have any feedback? Email me here or contact me via twitter.