Let's go to Work!

I've had jobs you people wouldn't believe.  Organic chard, stacked at Waitrose off the shoulder of Holloway Road.  I've watched spreadsheets flicker in the artificial light of a failing quango ... all those jobs were awful, like Stevia in Sprite.  Time to quit.

I've had some rubbish jobs, but whether I'm delivering futons in a van that used to transport dog carcasses, being lambasted for Waitrose's chronic shortage of dragon fruit or entering thousands of lines of data about burial sites, I've always found a (legal) coping mechanism.

Over the last 20 years, I've spent thousands of hours half-listening to music, documentaries, interviews and stand-up comedy to get me through my latest repetitive task, and now I want to share the fruits of my 'research' with you - in the form of Care Packages.

Each month I'll be dropping a new Care Package in the hope it contains something interesting, unfamiliar or distracting for you to listen to.  Each care package has a different theme, with planned topics including stand-up comedy, 8bit music, sabermetrics and documentaries about Kurt Angle (obviously).

So whether you're working for yourself or for The Man, hopefully there's something here that'll help you stack that shelf, populate that spreadsheet or finish that article.  God knows you won't like everything that appears here, but perhaps you'll come across something you like - and that'll make this endeavour worthwhile.

Incoming Care Package...

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